Take out a payday loan securely online

Many lenders offer payday loans on the internet.

Many lenders offer loans on the internet.

So it seems like borrowing money online is completely risk-free, but of course that is not the case.

If you need money then borrowing online is of course a very easy and fast option. However, there may be some risks involved.

If you want to borrow money online, it is advisable to first carefully read the general terms and conditions of the lender. These are usually stated on the site of the provider. It is always important to borrow change money. More about that on this page.

In addition, it is a tip to carefully read the contract before you sign it. It contains the small print. By going through the contract properly, you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Online reviews

Online reviews

Another advice is to read the reviews about the lender online. You soon know whether other customers have positive or negative experiences with this. Based on the assessments, you can decide whether it is safe to take out a payday loan with a lender.

If you have any questions about the payday loan, ask this first before signing the contract.

FAM license

Credit providers must have a license from the AFM. This is the Financial Marketings Authority. The FAM ensures that the lender complies with the rules and the law. If the lender does not have a license, the payday loan is offered illegally. Taking out a payday loan with an illegal lender involves major risks. You can be stuck with this for years.

(Do you want to know if a provider is reliable? You can check this in the FAM register. You can do this via this page.)

Reliable lenders

Reliable lenders

We only work with reliable lenders who are in possession of a license. These are De Nederlandse Kredietmaatschappij and Krediet.nl These online lenders have years of experience in the field of providing payday loans.


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